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Welcome to The Repossession Centre

The Repossession Centre are specialists in stopping property repossessions across the United Kingdom. We offer a representation, consultancy and solution service to help homeowners keep in control of their family home and property.

Our aim is to reduce as many families being evicted from their homes as possible, to stop as many property repossessions as possible and to reduce/prevent the strain the process can have on somebody’s life.

We understand the entire process of a repossession which is why we are eager to use our experience by representing you, acting on your behalf and achieving the best outcome for you. We manage the whole process of a repossession by liaising with those involved from start to finish. We then are able to provide a solution to your circumstances with our panel of investors and lenders no matter your age, history, income or credit score. Our solutions will ensure that the repossession is stopped, the finance required is raised and help you to be free from debts that may affect the property.

What is a property repossession?

A property repossession is the legal process carried out by a lender, creditor or an organisation that holds an interest in the property by the way of a loan or a financial advance. The legal process is when the lender, creditor or an organisation obtains possession of the property and recoups the loan/balance outstanding to them.

The repossession can take place if the security is currently against the property title or if the security is placed on the property title due to another debt associated with the property or owner. A property repossession is usually because of arrears on the mortgage or a default in repaying a secured loan.

It is sometimes mistaken that some outstanding debts that may not initially be related to the property will not affect the property. This is not entirely true as some debts can be placed onto the property and may lead to a creditor taking control of any assets which the debtor owns which includes property.

The process of a property repossession

The stages of a property repossession are as follows (Some stages may vary based on the circumstances of the case):

Key Points:

It is important to contact us as soon as possible. Timing can be key in stopping a property repossession

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